Boycotting SHSAA

Why Boycott?

SHSAA enjoys the privilege of representing tens of thousands of Stuyvesant graduates from across many decades. The actions and inactions of SHSAA's leadership, however, demonstrate that the organization is failing to work in the best interests of Stuyvesant’s alumni community.


For the past several years, concerned alumni, including SHSAA board members, have tried repeatedly to get SHSAA leadership to meet reasonable standards of accountability and transparency to its membership. These efforts included the presentation of a petition, signed by over 200 alumni, at SHSAA's Annual General Meeting in May 2017. That petition specifically endorsed withholding support until reforms were implemented.


Whereas attempts to engage constructively with SHSAA leadership have been repeatedly ignored, CSA now recommends that all further support to SHSAA be withheld, until further notice. CSA does not make this recommendation lightly, but recognizes that reforms have waited long enough, and need to be addressed now.

How Does Boycotting & Withholding Work?

CSA recommends that Stuyvesant alumni take the following specific actions:

  • Suspend and not renew your membership or pay dues to SHSAA.
  • Withhold financial and in-kind contributions to SHSAA.
  • Provide support to Stuyvesant via non-SHSAA channels, including directly to the school, its departments and clubs, or via the Parents' Association.
  • Decline to attend or otherwise support or promote SHSAA-sponsored events and initiatives.
  • Support your class reunions, independent of SHSAA’s involvement, and deter SHSAA’s fundraising efforts from riding the coattails of your reunion.
  • Demand transparency and accountability from all who represent the Stuyvesant alumni community, especially the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees.
  • Promote awareness of these issues via class communications and social media, and inform SHSAA leadership that your future support is contingent on their commitment to better governance.

What Happens Next?

The next step is in the hands of SHSAA’s leadership. Stuyvesant alumni — including CSA — look forward to a clear signal of SHSAA's commitment to improved transparency and accountability. The sooner that happens, the sooner this boycott will be lifted.


While CSA looks for opportunities to engage productively with SHSAA leadership, it will not shy from applying pressure, where needed. As alumni, your participation in this boycott strengthens these efforts to improve Stuyvesant’s alumni association.