The creation of the CSA Facebook page was initially sparked by concerns about Stuyvesant High School's Alumni Association's (SHSAA) management practices, in light of murky and incomplete information that was provided about a so-called merger with the Campaign for Stuyvesant. Those concerns were compounded by questions that went unanswered for long stretches, despite repeated attempts, and by seemingly arbitrary changes to the structure and bylaws of SHSAA. Simple inquiries about finances were met with what can only be called stonewalling. Requests that a process be established to join the SHSAA Board – one that does not require being hand-picked by incumbent Board members – were ignored for far too long. A revised process, which is still fundamentally inadequate, was finally adopted, but more than twelve months later as of this writing has still not been published on the SHSAA website.


Other alumni, especially those with responsibility for organizing their class reunions, were drawn to CSA when they found the administrative support that SHSAA traditionally provided to help organize class dinners abruptly withdrawn, followed by the implementation of seemingly ad hoc procedures. To many of us, it became clear that the mission of the alumni association had swung away from working with alumni and toward building an ill-defined "endowment."

This website was created because not all Stuyvesant alumni are on Facebook or the CSA Facebook page.This site aims to provide easy access to that information so that anyone who is interested can learn about these concerns.